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I’m Rin Ito, a 12 year old entrepreneur in Japan. I established my company, and my own brand label called "See the Sea". 

I love the beach, I love the nature, and I often go to the beach with my family.
I want to keep these beautiful beaches, just the way they are so we can enjoy the great beach environment for ever and ever.
In order to do this, I often do beach clean sessions with my friends and family.

We pick up the rubbish on the beaches, and also try to make it fun, by making games such as competing how much rubbish each person can collect. Everyone enjoys it so much. It is always fun to do beach clean with my friends.
Also, I am often invited to events and I deliver speeches about the importance of keeping
the beaches clean. I like talking to people, and tell them how important it is to save the oceans and beaches.

In the future, I want to become a Hollywood actress, and through my activities, I would
like to tell the people all around the world, how important it is to protect the oceans. And one day just like Emma Watson, I also would like to make a speech at the United Nations.

I was selected as Ms. Preteen International Japan 2022. I represented Japan at the world
finals in America, and I won the “Spirit award”. It was the first time ever an Asian was able to win a title. I am very proud because my platform, and my company "See the Sea" was recognized all over the world.

At my company “See the Sea”, me and my team design and sell goods to raise funds for
saving the oceans.We open up pop-up-stores at markets and events and sell our charity T-shirts, and other goods that are eco-friendly and good for the environment.
Through these events, I can meet a lot of people. I am happy to be able to get people
aware about saving the oceans, and help with my project. It feels good when more and more people join my activities.


These are our charity T-shirts. We have sold more than 200 of them all over the world.
We also sell goods such as post cards, stickers, pens, and eco-friendly cutlery sets and donating the profit of my charity sales to Beach conservation organizations.
Any tiny steps is fine. If we all take that step together, it will become a big forward movement, and will change this world! It’s our world. Let’s protect it together, with our hands!

Height: 152  (cm)
Bust: 70
Waist: 58
Hips: 76
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black

Shoes: 23.5

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