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She is a high school talent who combines cuteness and beauty. She is an accomplished dancer and learned from international dance instructors from an early age.
Specializing in welfare for the disabled, she volunteers at welfare offices and is in the process of establishing the world's first genre of welfare heroines.
She is working with government officials to create a world where people with developmental disabilities can no longer have difficulty living, and is active as a model, TV personality, and movie actor.

Worked extensively in Japan and abroad on the difficulties in the lives of these children, sometimes called "borderline intelligence" or "developmental disability gray zone," which is said to be about 5 in a class of 35 students, how to support them, and how education should be in the future.

In her first year of high school, she took up the issue of developmental disabilities at the Miss Teen/Miss Preteen International (a contest that aims to provide a global stage for children and nurture the seeds of their talents)
Prized ,Pan Pacific Representative.

Participated in the world competition held in Tennessee, U.S.A.

Aiming for a symbiotic society where people understand their strengths and weaknesses, accept and love themselves as they are, and help each other with what they are good at by making the most of their differences.

She has held talks with Minister Noda.

the UN Headquarters in New York, the Permanent Mission of Japan, and the
She has presented her activities on a global scale, including collaborations with the UN community [music for SDGs].

She has been featured in many media including national newspapers, national TV, and newspapers.

Co-authored a book " Keiten Aijin to Nakamatachi" (A series of books with executives, scholars, and artists who support Japan), which is featured on the top page of the book.

She is working to become a person of tremendous influence and power of communication throughout Japan in order to change the situation where support has not yet reached about the gray zone of developmental disabilities.

Activity History

2021 12/8 Yaizu High School Yumi Katsura Lecture, modeling furisode kimono.

2022 12/6 Miss Teen International Grand Prix Pan Pacific Representative

2022 3/22 Music for SDGs "Power of Disability "2022

2022 5/25 Shizuoka Daiichi TV Broadcast

2022 5/26 Sports Hochi Newspaper

2022 5/30 Wrote "What I, a caretaker, can do" for "Continu Keiten Aijin to Tomodachi" (A series of Keiten Aijin and friends), Naigai Publishing Co.

2022 6/1 Public Relations Yaizu [Toki no Hito vol.1

2022 7/8 The Shizuoka Shimbun Book presentation

2022 7/13 SBS TV broadcast LIVE Shizuoka

Miss Teen International Japan's appeal on the world stage: "A society that understands diversity" (Fujieda City, Shizuoka)

2022 7/17 Harada Residence "Old private house toiro cafe" in Yaizu City "Dreams Beyond Light" Runway & Speech

2022 7/30 Kingsport, Tennessee, U.S.A. Participated in the World Convention

2022 8/3 Visit to UN Headquarters in New York

2022 8/4 Visit to the Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations in New York

2022 8/13 Weekly Seikatsu in New York

2022 8/13 Shizuoka Daiichi Television

Miss Teen Japan - Why a 17-year-old high school girl is challenging the world [every.shizuoka.TV【Feature】.

YouTube Movie Appearance

2022 October Tongaree's 47 Prefectures High School Student Representatives in Shizuoka Performances
Yona Suzuki (Shizuoka Prefecture)

Oct. 2022 [vol.833] Everyone can shine. Hina Suzuki's goal is a society that recognizes individuality.

November 2022 The 10th Good Life Award [Environment and Welfare Award] by the Ministry of the Environment
Studio Pleiades Project Partner Hina Suzuki

 Studio Pleiades" realizes human- and environment-friendly regional development and inheritance of cultural assets.


2022 11/22 Shizuoka Private Schools Association Incentive Award
2022 12/29 Published in Shizuoka Shimbun
Mr. Suzuki, a sophomore at Yaizu High School, reported his joy at receiving the Encouragement Award.
Recognition of social welfare activities

Height: 160
Bust: 75
Waist: 64
Hips: 87
Hair: Black

Shoes: 23.5

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